The South Bank Think Tank

The Southbank Think Tank is a not for profit, philanthropic organisation with the purpose of sharing expertise and offering its skills and wisdom to the wider community.

Who are we?

The members are from different walks of life and are senior and experienced professionals who are available to share their expertise.

Members include

  • Accountant
  • Award winning professional motivational speaker
  • Banker
  • Barrister
  • Best selling author / blogger
  • Business Coach / Mentor
  • CEO’s – Chair of board of directors
  • Financial adviser
  • Financial commentator
  • International Trainer
  • Lawyer
  • Mediator
  • Meditation and yoga specialist
  • Negotiation expert
  • Property expert
  • University lecturer – MBA programme

What do we do?

  • Briefings and educational newsletters
  • Business Podcasts
  • Mentorship and coaching sessions
  • Top Masterclasses
  • YouTube videos

Agenda for Think Tank Masterclass Meetings

  1. What you have been doing recently (60 seconds) (rapport building / ice breaker / creating energy)
  2. One thing that you have learned recently will be useful to the other group members. (5 Minutes max – internal value added)
  3. How can we add value as experts in our given fields that will add value to the wider community?

Give without remembering – receive without forgetting.

William Barclay

Who runs the South Bank Think Tank?

The South Bank Think Tank Chairman is Derek Arden. His Co-Chairman is Graham Jones.